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The BioDome
a machine for making good soil!

Biodôme schéma explicatif

THEBIODOMEis a metal dome, a contemporary sculpture intended for your gardens, it combines aesthetics and utility, it will take pride of place, no more unsightly compost bins that had to be hidden. You will be able to recover your plant waste(crushed vegetables only)which represent a cumbersome mass, incineration being now prohibited, transport to the recycling center remains tedious. Composting becomes a creation in its own right, an artistic, economic and civic gesture.


The structure of the dome is designed like a giant mechanic.

It is made up of 90 plates fixed together by 180 bolts for a total weight of 100kg of steel.

It measures 175 cm in height for a diameter on the ground of 224 cm.

The lower and middle circles are covered with chicken wire to retain the crushed vegetables.

Price:  1800 €

Contact, information and order,

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Tel: +33(0)6 30 79 44 75


Thank you for your submission, I will answer you very quickly !

The conclusive experiencewas carried out in a garden of 2000 m2 in the middle of oaks and landscaped by various plants and flowers. The oak leaves as well as all the products from the spring and autumn prunings were systematically shredded with the mower. In the spring the mowed grass was also added.

Over one year, oak leaves represented more than 85% of the volume to be composted. 

Imperative:For optimal results, it is necessary to install the Biodôme in a placeshady.

Rather funny:In the spring the rabbits begin to dig out the earth to dig their burrows.


To note :In the fall, during the harvest, you will find many rose chafer larvae which have actively participated in composting and in particular in the digestion of the wood.

Heavy rain will lower the level of plants in the biodome by 40cm or more.


The Biodôme seems like a UFO in my creative universe! And yet...

Its structure is the direct result of all the work I have been able to do on the spheres, but after having filled it and pampered it by observing its operation for a year with very promising results, I realize that this Biodôme is also a MACHINE. .. A machine with microscopic and natural cogs.

An earth-making machine...

Biodôme jardin
Biodôme composteur
Composteur Biodôme
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