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Unique Machines


Moving sculptures for visual breathing. The expression of softness, the lightness of a beating of wings, pure sounds that invite meditation. . .

What can a machine bring to poetry?

Stélin tries to explore its possibilities when in 2016 he discovers ​the delicate clockwork mechanisms which, associated with other recovered pieces, are as many memorabiliataphors that he explores through his sculptures. The mechanics, at the sole service of the movement, are laid bare and reveal their singular beauty to us.

Among his works, insect machines, with evocative wing beats, question our deep senses. The contrast between the heaviness of the mechanics and the lightness of the diaphanous wings sends us back to our own earthly heaviness and our difficulties in reaching higher states of wisdom and bliss.

Stélin invites the viewer on a journey that aims to be interior by allowing us to glimpse his own spiritual quest through a poetic reading of this sculpted mechanism.

Emerging insects

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