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Sphère en métal dans un jardin

The work on the spheres is directly inspired by the technical and tedious work of riveting in industrial architecture since the 18th century.
On earth, the perfectly spherical volume is uncommon in its natural state, it is omnipresent in the universe where a large majority of celestial bodies are spherical. In the world of the infinitely small, we like to imagine as spheres the atoms composed of a central nucleus with electrons which gravitate around it. Atoms sometimes come together in a polyhedral structure to form molecules. We will cite as an example the Buckminster fullerene, a spherical molecule whose atoms are at the vertices of a truncated icosahedron (structure of the soccer ball).
Microcosm and macrocosm feed my research, the iron element brings a terrestrial component, the terrestrial core (spherical) is essentially composed of iron.
In this mechanic, each part has as much importance as  the others regarding the cohesion of the structure. each piece  is a keystone that holds everything together. The sphere is a symbol of cohesion and interdependence, balance and unity.
In this image, our balance depends on everything that exists. Each elementary particle, atom, bacterium, insect, animal, plant, human, planet, star, galaxy, participates in the cohesion of this great WHOLE that is the universe.

metal spheres

wooden spheres

The spheres are made of steel and are protected by a "Rustol" type varnish, they are perfectly resistant outdoors.

Interview: a coat of Rustol varnish once a year will protect the sphere by restoring its shine.

Sphère en bois, installation

Betelgeuse - Installation  ø 200 cm 
Wood and light 2015

Sphère en bois, exposition
sphère en bois de cagettes, lampe


Crate extracts

ø 45 cm

Unique piece - Private collection

Stelin 2015

Zubenelgenubi- Facility :

Galvanized steel wood and bolts.

Support: oak cutouts

ø 130 cm

Stelin 2015


2015 Spheres, the path of the stars -Caseneuve Castle

2016 Around trees, wood and paper -Caseneuve Castle

2017 Plate tectonics

2018 Polyspheres -Castle of Simiane-la-rotonde

2019 "Flora in Simiane"

2020 "Flora in Simiane"

2020 "See and Listen" in Rustrel

September 2022."Meditation under the trees" Eglise-Haute in Banon

Exposition à Simiane-la-rotonde
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